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Depth chart moves slowed

Posted by Chris Brown on August 5, 2011 – 8:30 am

In training camp the coaching staff will shift and move players up or down the depth chart based on performance. Usually they are made on the heels of a preseason game when coaches get an accurate look at what a player is or is not capable of. However, in an offseason where there is little for coaches to go on and more questions than answers with some players, Bills head coach Chan Gailey and his staff are more apt to wait a little longer this summer before making a depth chart move.

“The movement on the depth chart is slower now because you’re taking more of a wait and see attitude before you start moving people up and down the depth chart,” Gailey told “That’s due to mainly our lack of practice and preparation. The reason why is you don’t know at the outset if a player’s performance or consistency is due to a conditioning issue, they may not have the recall from last year, but they’re going to get it. With all of that stuff (in play) you’re just hesitant to move people up and down the depth chart too quickly right now.”

That’s why Gailey said going into camp that some returning veteran starters are more entrenched in their positions than perhaps in any other training camp. With so many added variables (conditioning, no spring workouts, less evaluation time) to the preparation process in this camp Gailey and his staff want as many sure fire answers as they can have in their starting lineups. So it’s going to take a special performance for a 2nd teamer to move up to the first unit, and it seems as though it will take a big time collapse through the preseason for a starter to get bumped down a peg.

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