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Bills hot about hit on Jones

Posted by Chris Brown on August 21, 2011 – 12:13 am

It may not have been visible on television, but the Bills offensive players did not take kindly to the hit that Broncos rookie safety Rahim Moore laid on Donald Jones along their sideline Saturday night.

So much so that Fred Jackson and Stevie Johnson started screaming at the Broncos players, with Johnson getting in their faces almost helmet to helmet. A couple of lineman also ran up on some of the Broncos players that gathered at the middle of the field while Jones was being tended to.

“Nobody wants anybody to get hurt, but if you look at one thing that maybe was a positive tonight was the reaction from our guys towards them,” said Ryan Fitzpatrick. “I think we are a tight unit and I think you saw it right there and you saw it by the way Fred ran the ball the next few plays. For somebody to take a shot at our guy, that didn’t sit well with us and I really like the reaction that we had.

“We weren’t going to go out there and start swinging and getting penalties. It went to show that we’re a team that doesn’t like being pushed around. We’re not going to be pushed around by anybody and we thought that was inappropriate the way it went down and we reacted to it.”

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