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Shep being smart w/hamstring

Posted by Chris Brown on August 26, 2011 – 8:44 am

Kelvin Sheppard returned to the practice field earlier this week off a nagging hamstring injury that cost him almost all of training camp. Though he desperately wants to play Saturday against Jacksonville, he’s fighting that urge and trying to be smart in the final stages of healing.

“You’ve just got to be careful because you don’t want to rush into it and then look back and say you should’ve waited,” Sheppard told “I’ve been wanting to get back out there ASAP, but it wouldn’t have been the smartest thing to do. It’s a collective effort between myself, the training staff and the coaches to get together and do what’s right, not only for myself but for the team too. Whatever they want is what I’ll do.”

Sheppard said in practice the athletic training staff was keeping a watchful eye on him to keep him from going all out this week.

“They just tell me to make sure I go at a pace that’s moderate and not go out there and open it up and do something crazy,” he said. “We’re approaching the third preseason game and we’re going to blink our eyes and be headed down to Kansas City. I don’t want to have any regrets about anything.”

So while Sheppard remains a question mark for Saturday night’s game, he does feel his hamstring is very close to being sound for anything and everything.

“It’s definitely improving and that’s helping me a lot physically and in my mind knowing it’s getting better and that we’re almost there,” he said. “We just have to take that final step.”

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