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Williams schooling up Dareus

Posted by Chris Brown on September 7, 2011 – 2:23 pm

Marcell Dareus obviously has certain God-given abilities out on the football field, that no one needs to help him with, but when it comes to uncovering little nuances of the opponent, Kyle Williams and the other vets in the defensive line room have been giving Buffalo’s top pick some pointers.

“I have a good feel of (the scheme) because the veterans, especially Kyle Williams, are really keeping me on it,” said Dareus. “I have really just been taking it all in like a sponge and doing the best I can with it. There is a lot to take in but I see now that it is a whole lot different than the preseason and I am ready for it.”

“That’s helpful for Marcell,” said head coach Chan Gailey. “He probably doesn’t even realize how helpful that is for him at this point to have Kyle in the room with him. And really it’s not only Kyle, but it’s Dwan Edwards and a lot of those veteran guys that are true professionals to be able to sit in there and help him. Marcell is extremely smart, don’t get me wrong, it’s not like he needs help, but I think in four or five years he’ll look back on it and realize how good it was to have those guys in the room early.”

Williams explained where he’s helping Dareus the most.

“As far as what I’m trying to teach him is how he’s looking at things pre-snap, formations, different things, trying to get him to see things that I see before the play,” said Williams. “To study things the way that I study them so he can take that explosiveness and use it to his advantage rather than being in at a disadvantage in the middle of a play and helping him get out of trouble. If he can do it at the beginning of the play, he can use it to put them in trouble at the beginning of the play rather than him having to recover he can put them in a bad spot.

“Just trying to talk about formations and tendencies, what are you looking at pre-snap, not getting too focused in on the guy in front of you, trying to see the whole scheme. If we can see things fairly similar we’re going to play better off each other. We’re going to know where the other one is going to be and make some plays.”

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