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Merriman will practice Wed.

Posted by Chris Brown on September 12, 2011 – 5:37 pm

Shawne Merriman shed some light on what happened to him in Sunday’s game when he had to miss a couple of series to have a shoulder problem looked at.

“I got landed on and didn’t know what happened at first, so they took me in the back and wrapped me up to make sure I was good to go and I finished the game,” said Merriman.

Playing his first full game in almost two years Merriman, admitted on Monday that he felt like he had played a game, but was pleased with how his body held up.

“I feel pretty good coming out of a game after not playing for so long and I woke up not feeling as sore as I thought I would,” he said.

When asked if he’ll practice come Wednesday this week, Merriman said he would.

“I’ll be good,” he said. “I’ll be back to practice on Wednesday. I know a bunch of people were concerned about it. I’m not. Guys in this locker room aren’t concerned. So I’ll be good.”

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