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CB Williams tight w/Raiders’ Huff

Posted by Chris Brown on September 15, 2011 – 10:14 am

He’s not related to him by blood, but Bills rookie CB Aaron Williams calls Raiders safety Michael Huff his brother. For Williams, who will have a larger role in Buffalo’s secondary with the absence of Terrence McGee (hamstring), it only adds to Buffalo’s Week 2 matchup with Oakland.

Both Huff and Williams played at the University of Texas, and Huff was sitting right next to him this past spring on draft day when the Bills called him to tell him he was a Buffalo Bill.

“He’s been my mentor since high school,” said Williams of Huff. “He’s really my older brother. He’s taken care of me in all aspects, not only on the field, but off the field. He’s taught me a lot of things and sometimes he’s taught me a little too much on the field, so hopefully I can take advantage of that on Sunday.”

Williams said the two haven’t spoken yet this week, but he’s expecting that to change.

“I will probably talk to him this week,” said Williams. “He’s probably talking a whole mess on my phone right now as we speak, but me and Michael go at it.”

With free agency taking place after the draft this offseason due to the lockout, Huff, who was an unrestricted free agent, didn’t have a team, but Williams said he knew no matter what he was going to play against his mentor in his rookie season.

“He didn’t re-sign until a lot later, but it really didn’t matter because his choices in free agency were Miami, Oakland and Dallas, so either way I would’ve played against him some time this season,” said Williams. “But I told him whatever team he went to I told him to be ready for me this season.”

Whether Huff plays is a bit of a question mark. He did not practice on Wednesday due to a groin injury

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