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Finaly Searcy INT was reviewed

Posted by Chris Brown on September 18, 2011 – 4:47 pm

Long after Bills fans headed to the parking lots to celebrate a 38-35 victory, the referees were told to return to the field to take a second look at Da’Norris Searcy’s interception on a Hail Mary pass by the Raiders to the end zone as time expired.

“It was ruled an interception,” said head referee Mike Carey. “We came into the locker room after delaying to see if it was going to be reviewed. I got a beep in the locker room, a buzz in the locker room, that said review. Went back out, put the headset on. They weren’t set up. But it was an erroneous transmission, and they had already confirmed the ruling on the field.”

Carey also clarified what it takes to determine simultaneous possession on a pass like the Hail Mary at the end of Sunday’s game in terms of what a receiver needs to do.

“He needs to maintain possession when he goes to the ground,” said Carey. “If he doesn’t maintain possession then it’s either incomplete or an interception.”

Searcy was the first player to catch the ball and had it himself.

“I had the best view of the ball over everybody, so once the ball started coming down I got adjusted and went up over everybody and I was the first guy to touch the ball, and when I started coming down guys started trying to pull at it and that’s when I tucked it away.”

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