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Nix: Chan top play caller around

Posted by Chris Brown on September 20, 2011 – 7:55 am

Bills GM Buddy Nix addressed the Monday QB Club the day after Buffalo’s Week 2 win over Oakland and made a pretty strong statement with respect to his head coach Chan Gailey.

Nix has always been impressed with Gailey’s knack for calling the right play at the right time.

“Chan Gailey might be the best play caller in the business and I’ve thought that before,” he said. “I think the big thing about him is Chan has come up in a situation where he had to do it with lesser talent. Beginning at Troy State back when they were a Division II team and at Samford, he learned the hard way that the cavalry ain’t coming. They’re not going to trade for somebody. You’ve got what you’ve got and you’ve got to adjust to them. That’s an important trait to me.

“These guys that have their own scheme and their own system and try to plug everybody that they have into what they do? It works when you have good players, but when you’ve got guys that you’re developing it’s better to be the other way. I’m excited about what they’re doing.”

Ryan Fitpatrick concurred with Nix when asked about Gailey’s play calling.

“That’s one thing that is very noticeable that I’ve noticed from playing for him is the timing of the play calling,” said Fitzpatrick. “It’s not just the stuff that we install.  We install some good things, but a lot of times you have to call it at the right time. You have to call it versus the few looks you think you’re going to get it against.  He’s got impeccable timing.  I don’t know if that’s because he’s just been doing it for so long or just a general feel for the game, but that would be one of his biggest strengths, is a play caller.”

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