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Fan Friday 9-23

Posted by Chris Brown on September 23, 2011 – 11:47 am

2-0 vs. 2-0 on Sunday. Big AFC East matchup with the Patriots. Many are expecting a shootout. We’ll see what happens Sunday. Now to your questions from

1 – Hi Chris, 

I’ve been watching since the preseason on’s preseason live and one thing I’ve noticed about the Bills secondary is a lack of making plays on the ball. It seems they’re content to just be close to the receiver and rarely turn their head and get their hands up. Do you think it’s just rust from not being tested much when they couldn’t stop the run or do they have some deficiencies in the secondary? Of course when they did turn their heads and make plays the refs called interference every time vs the Jags. With the way these refs are acting it’s going to be a two hand touch league pretty soon.


CB: In talking to some of the guys in the secondary they feel their positioning is sound defensively when defending the pass. They just have to commit to make more plays on the ball, so I think your observations on the whole are accurate. I don’t think it has anything to do with not being tested much with teams running on them so much last season. It’s a good group back there and I think with a little more help from the pass rush forcing errant throws they should get that turnover figure to increase more like what it was in 2009 when they were second in the AFC in takeaways.


2 – Hi Chris,
If Shawne Merriman goes down with an injury that causes him to lose significant time, are the Bills going to use Alex Carrington to fill the spot? Also, what happens if Stevie Johnson goes down with an injury? Who would be the go to guy then? Donald Jones? These are serious contingencies that would impact the Bills season. What are your thoughts? 

Tony, Daytona Beach, Fl
CB: This is a timely question in light of Stevie Johnson’s nagging groin injury. If he’s forced to sit out a week or two to rest his groin ailment, I’d anticipate Jones stepping into the number one role with a collection of wideouts filling the number two spot on the other side. That would include Ruvell Martin, Naaman Roosevelt and possibly practice squad player Kamar Aiken (6’2” 213).

With respect to Merriman, I think Carrington and Spencer Johnson could be part of that replacement equation, particularly on run downs, with Danny Batten stepping in on passing downs.


3 – Chris,

I love that Buddy/Chan have made the Bills a much more physical team than Jauron.  Can you compare the opening day rosters for Jauron’s last team vs this year and give average size per position.  I have been very tired of watching the Bills get physically beat especially on defense.


CB: While I can’t give you average size for the 2009 squad, I can tell you that Buffalo’s current roster this year has 16 players that are 300 pounds or more. That’s the highest number of 300 pounders on a roster in the league this season. Their average team weight is 252 pounds and change, which is also a league high.


4 – Hey Chris,

I was wondering if it is possible to purchase a bills jersey with the 9/11 patch or the actual patch itself through or
Thanks, Dave G

CB: I’ve been told that teams at different times will be making their jerseys with those patches available at the site Unfortunately there is no set schedule on what teams will make their jerseys available. All proceeds go to various charities for those jerseys. I guess you’ll need to check back at that site frequently to keep tabs on what’s available and when. Sorry that’s the best I can do.


5 – Chris,
A friend showed me this video on YouTube of Marcell Dareus lifting a car and we’re in disagreement on if it’s real or fake. Can you track down Marcell and ask him. Here’s the video I’m referring to

Mitch (Webster, NY)

CB: Marcell is mum on the situation. All he would provide is a smirk. I know one thing, I wouldn’t park your vehicle anywhere close to his truck. He’s not a big fan of inching his way back and forth to get out of parking spots!

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