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Belichick ranting explained

Posted by Chris Brown on September 26, 2011 – 9:27 am

Some Bills fans are still wondering what happened when Bill Belichick was arguing with the officials after Fred Jackson’s catch and run to the goal line was reversed and ruled down at the one. Here was head referee Carl Cheffers explanation.

“Coach Belichick wanted an explanation as to what was going to take place after the replay,” said Chevers. “Obviously we had a reversal. We put the ball at the half-yard line. The clock was going to start. He wanted a confirmation of what was going to happen at that point. I went over there and explained to him that the ball was at the half-yard line. He asked me when the clock was going to start. I said as soon as I was done with the explanation with him that I was going to go out on the field and start the clock. He stayed down there. I didn’t understnad exactly why he stayed down there. I went back over there and he said he wanted a timeout. So I gave him his second charged timeout.”

Belichick’s answer as to what happened on the far sideline sounded consistent with Cheffers recollection of the conversation.

“I took a timeout,” he said. “I went down to call a timeout. [The officials] were waving me back, and I was going down there to call it.”

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