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Wilfork’s dirty play costs Pats

Posted by Chris Brown on September 26, 2011 – 9:48 am

He’s got a history of dirty play against the Bills, kicking Chris Villarrial in the back when he was on the ground after a field goal attempt. Burying the crown of his helmet into the side of Jonas Jennings’ helmet behind the play giving the offensive lineman a concussion and his deliberate flying elbow that caved in the knee of QB J.P. Losman putting him out of action for a month with a sprained MCL. His latest transgression Sunday finally cost his team a shot at tying or even winning the game in the closing moments.

After Fred Jackson’s 38-yard yard catch and run was ruled down at the one-yard line, Buffalo had it first-and-goal at the one and decided they were going to kill the rest of the clock with a few kneel downs and kick the field goal to win it. On second-and-goal from the one Ryan Fitzpatrick tried to sneak the ball forward and Vince Wilfork not only tackled the Bills QB, but slammed his head into the ground drawing an unsportmanslike conduct penalty.

While the penalty stopped the clock, it also gave the Bills a fresh set of downs and ensured that the Patriots would not get the ball back before the clock ran out. Had he not committed the penalty Buffalo would’ve had to kick off to New England because there would’ve been about 15 seconds left on the game clock had Fitz’s sneak led to third-and-goal with the Bills likely running off 39 of the 40 seconds on the play clock two plays in a row before Lindell came on for the field goal.

When Tom Brady is your quarterback and you have even a remote chance to give him the ball, you take it. Wilfork was too busy resorting to his all too familiar tactics to realize the opportunity he cost his team.

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