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Fundamental focus

Posted by Chris Brown on October 9, 2011 – 8:01 am

Bills head coach Chan Gailey told his players they didn’t finish with fundamentals last week in their loss at Cincinnati. So naturally fundamentals were a big part of the practice week leading up to today’s game with the Eagles.

In addition to a lot of tackling drills for the defenders there were other fundamentals that were a point of emphasis as well.

“Blocking schemes,” Gailey told “Everybody making sure that we’re together and communicating on our blocking schemes so that we don’t lose sight of a guy at linebacker that scrapes or runs through. We’ve got to make sure we stay together on all of our blocking schemes, so that we can give Fred (Jackson) a little bit of a hole. If you give him a little bit he’ll create something.”

Gailey said tackling last week against Cincinnati was subpar. He’d like to see the tackling get back to how sound it was in Week 1 against Kansas City.

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