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Why Hairston wasn’t nervous

Posted by Chris Brown on October 9, 2011 – 10:25 pm

Bills fourth-round pick Chris Hairston has said before that he’s a pretty even-keeled kind of guy and doesn’t let much get to him. That seemed to be the case Sunday when he put in a pretty steady performance in his first NFL start.

“I felt pretty comfortable because Coach has been harping on me, and not even just this week but all throughout camp, letting me know I didn’t get drafted to come here and sit on the bench,” said Hairston. “Every player that makes this roster is going to play.  You’re only a snap away and he really made that clear from Day One. 

“That’s just something I had to take to heart and that just helped me feel a lot more comfortable out there than a rookie that hadn’t really been preparing. I didn’t have any OTA’s or minicamps. I’m just glad that I’m taking advantage of the opportunity to try and help this team win games.”

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