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The key to Bills takeaways

Posted by Chris Brown on October 10, 2011 – 11:48 am

The Bills are first in the league in total takeaways (16) and interceptions with 12 in five games. But it’s what the Bills have done with those takeaways that have been even more impressive.
Only three of Buffalo’s 16 takeaways have not turned into points, and in two of those instances it was because the game ended. Buffalo has scored 10 touchdowns and three field goals off of their takeaways for 79 of their 164 points on the season. That’s 48 percent of their point total.

They got seven points in a three-point win over Oakland. They put up 24 in a three-point win against New England. And Sunday they had 17 in a seven-point win over Philadelphia. Knowing how close three of Buffalo’s four wins have been the value of the Bills takeaways have been immeasurable.

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