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Faith in Moats and Batten

Posted by Chris Brown on October 15, 2011 – 10:18 am

With Chris Kelsay out for Sunday’s game and Shawne Merriman doubtful, Buffalo is going to be relying on a pair of second-year linebackers in Danny Batten and Arthur Moats. Head coach Chan Gailey admits the pair will get much more time than they typically would, but there aren’t too many other options.

“They’ve been thrust in there a little earlier than maybe a lot of us hoped they would have to be in there,” said Gailey. “We were hoping to bring them along slowly. I know they’ll compete and they’re intelligent and will play as hard as they can play. And the good thing about them is they’ll play with speed. They play as hard as you can play every snap they’re on the field. They embody what our football team is about I believe so I trust they can get the job done.”

Batten and Moats’ speed will be helpful with respect to pass rush. Hopefully it only helps to stretch outside run plays by the Giants wider allowing run support to arrive from the secondary and prevent Ahmad Bradshaw from gaining the corner.

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