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Mohr & Hull shared southern living

Posted by Chris Brown on October 20, 2011 – 10:23 am

Former Bills punter Chris Mohr was glad to find someone on the Bills roster who had something in common with him upon joining the Bills roster in 1991. That player was Bills Wall of Famer Kent Hull. Here is Mohr’s recollection of his first few days with the Bills and how Hull made it easier as he travels to Greenwood, Mississippi for Hull’s funeral this weekend.

I’ve taken This trip to Greenwood, MS many times for hunting or visiting Kent and family, but never thought it would be for this so early. My first practice in Fredonia going out to hold for field goals was a nervous time for me, until I heard that accent, that southern accent something I’m used to. Kent came up and introduced himself, asked where I was from, and I did likewise to him. Since that day we and our families have had a special bond. My wife Kim and Kay had a similar bond, since they were from the south and raised the same way.

Kent was the ” John Wayne” of our team. Low spoken, but when he did speak everyone listened. He was the guy that could keep all the “egos” on our team in check. When someone had a problem or complaint they went to Kent. Heck, I think even the coaches did sometimes.

A great family man with a super family. He will most assurably be missed by all that had the pleasure to cross his path.

TOUGH, rest in peace.
Chris mohr and family

Mohr grew up in Atlanta, Georgia. And for those that don’t know, “Tough” or “Big Tough” was the nickname given to Kent Hull by his teammates.

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