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Fan Friday 10-28

Posted by Chris Brown on October 28, 2011 – 11:46 am

The Bills Toronto Series resumes on Sunday at the Rogers Centre. I’m encouraged about this one knowing Chan and his staff has had two weeks to prepare. Let’s get to your questions from

1 – Hi Chris,                   
With the way our defense is playing very well, as in takeaways, keeping us in games, playing very hard and more, we still rank very low ..26th/29th against the opp. pass/rush.  Why do you think that is?  I’m trying to figure out if it’s because the defense is still meshing, or do we have a lack of talent somewhere or not the right size players yet?  And my last question is, if the draft was today which position do you see as our biggest need or an upgrade to be made?  Yes, I know it is early however at the beginning of the season I could find endless spots including depth I thought we needed, now how the team is playing and everyone doing pretty well, I can’t see too many spots that need help except maybe WR and that is because of injuries only, not because of a lack of talent.  
Thank you for your time 
-Showtime.  GO BILLS!

CB: The problem is pass rush. Buffalo is not getting enough consistent pressure on opposing quarterbacks. We’ll see if George Edwards and his defensive staff have come up with some new schematics to help the players be more effective in that area, but there is no real proven pass rusher on the roster. Merriman was the only one and he wasn’t the same with his Achilles problem and is now on I-R.

With that in mind it’s the answer to your second question as well. Buffalo needs a pass rusher off the edge that opponents have to game plan for, so I’d have that at the top of the list with respect to the draft next spring.


2 – Chris,

What can Bills fans expect from Torell Troup this season? With the possibility of Kyle Williams missing games, this is the perfect opportunity for Troup to stand up and demonstrate that his value as a high draft pick was justified. Also, if the Bills haven’t done so already, they should look into treating Troup’s lingering lower back pain with acupuncture. It may be an unconventional method however, as someone who suffered from LBP myself, I know how effective acupuncture  can be when more traditional means fail. Hope you continue to appear on Rodger Wyland’s Big Board Sports. You are a wealth of knowledge of the Bills’ operation.

Schenectady, NY 

CB: Thanks for the kind words. With respect to Troup he’s had two different issues with his back. Without getting into details, the first problem has been remedied and he’s told me the second problem will eventually dissipate as well. He still doesn’t look full speed to me in practice, but he insists he will get better with time. Knowing that it’s hard to predict just what they’ll get from Troup this season. If he does in fact get back to 100 percent I believe you’ll see a much improved player. He worked his tail off this offseason and looked very good in the early stages of training camp. If he gets back to that kind of play he’ll be making plays with regularity at nose tackle.

If not, then I think we’re looking at a situation where he’s a rotational player giving Kellen Heard a break as long as Kyle Williams is out of the lineup.


3 – Hi there Chris,

I’m just going to come out and say it, no beating around the brush. Our Buffalo Bills have the best hair in football. You can tell that many members of the team take extreme care in their hair. What saddens me is that there are quite a few members of our team that used to have long, beautiful, rock-star like hairdos (Steve Johnson). . .  Are any Bills thinking about growing back their locks? Or maybe team beards? Dumbledore/ZZ Top beards?

Brenning Greenfield (Crozet, VA)
Canisteo, NY 

CB: I do know that Andy Levitre is working feverishly on a Fu-Manchu mustache, but beyond that and Fitz’s beard, which is supposed to go the distance this season, I’m not aware of any specific hair growing commitments on the part of the players, though Kellen Heard has been growing his for a year a half. He keeps it trimmed though. Erik Pears is growing his beard out. I’ll investigate though to see if there are any others.


4 – Hey Chris,

What’s going on with Kirk Morrison? Why is he not getting any playing time? Also how much longer is Aaron Williams expected to be out for?

Clayton from Buffalo NY

CB: Hopefully you saw my story on Aaron Williams’ progress in his return from a chest/shoulder problem earlier this week. He believes he’s about two weeks away from playing in a game which puts him at the Dallas game.

As for Morrison, he’s strictly a reserve player. He’s an inside linebacker and he’s behind Nick Barnett, Andra Davis and Kelvin Sheppard on the depth chart right now. A good player, but doesn’t have as much time in the system and the playing time is going to Shep and Barnett right now.


5 –  Hi Chris!

This old timer has been shouting “Go Bills” since being transfered to Buffalo in ’61 (our second year).   I live now in Gainesville, Florida.  I have a comment and a question.

I hope the younger fans appreciate the website in general and BDC in particular.  In the Super Bowl years fans had to wait for detailed information until “Shout” magazine arrived–sometimes as much as eight days after a game.  Great job, Chris.

Could you give us an insight into what happens at One Bills Drive after a Sunday game?  We know that Tuesday is an off day with practices the rest of the week, but what do the players, trainers, and coaches do on Monday?  What time do they all report?  How long are they there?  What is the routine; what takes place?

Best,     Bill Laney — ( 51 years a faithful fan )

CB: Basically on Mondays, injured players or players that are nicked up get treatments in the training room. Players watch game tape from Sunday’s game with their position coaches and are graded on their performance. Then coaches go over corrections with them. There is also some light conditioning work that’s done with the strength and conditioning staff to stimulate blood flow, which helps get the soreness out of the body sooner rather than later. That’s pretty much it. Thanks for the kind words.

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