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Maybin plays diplomat

Posted by Chris Brown on November 2, 2011 – 4:40 pm

Aaron Maybin was given more than his fair share of opportunities to swing for the fences regarding his former team as one of the newer members of the New York Jets prepares to play the Bills on Sunday. The outside linebacker chose to be diplomatic, no doubt to avoid providing the Bills with any added fuel for Sunday’s game.

Maybin did give in a bit when asked if he felt he was given a fair shot in Buffalo last year knowing he averaged just five snaps a game.

“Honestly, I don’t think anybody’s gonna really say that averaging five snaps a game is getting a legitimate shot,” said Maybin. “But on my end what I have to say to that is  for whatever reason that was there was fault on both ends. There was something obviously I didn’t do while I was there to give the coaching staff that confidence in me to go out and have more than five snaps a game. Since I’ve gotten here it’s been a little bit different. So I guess that’s the extent of that.”

Maybin also said there’s no bad blood with his now former teammates.

“No. None at all,” he said. “I’ve got nothing but friends left in that locker room. And as far as the rest of the organization goes, business is business.”

When asked if his confidence level now with some production for the Jets (3 sacks, 3 FFs) compares to his confidence level last year at this time with the Bills, Maybin said the following.

“Honestly, it’s the same place it’s always been,” he said. “It’s just a little bit more justified now because I finally have a small amount of production to put behind it.

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