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Dwan is ‘Big Wiggle’

Posted by Chris Brown on November 3, 2011 – 8:48 am

Jets head coach Rex Ryan was Dwan Edwards defensive line coach and later his defensive coordinator in Baltimore before the defensive lineman came to the Bills. Ryan referred to Edwards by the nickname he had with the Ravens in his conference call with the WNY media.

Ryan showed his knowledge of football history in comparing his former player and Marcell Dareus to an old defensive line tandem from Buffalo’s storied AFL past.

“I know Dareus, the way he’s playing and the way Big Wiggle as I used to call him is playing, Edwards, they remind me of Ron McDole and that Tom Sestak, that No. 70 that used to play in the AFL days,” said Ryan.

Edwards admitted that ‘Big Wiggle’ was a nickname given to him as a rookie, but that another teammate gave it to him, not Ryan. In any event it stuck while he was with the Ravens. And during his time there he knows Ryan taught him a lot about the game.

“I loved him, I still have a lot for respect for the guy,” said Edwards. “Definitely want to beat him on Sunday.  He was my defensive line coach coming in so I learned a lot from him. He’s a competitive guy, he wants to win.  He wants his team to believe they’re the best team in the world regardless if they are or aren’t.”

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