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Fred: Fitz’s beard taking over

Posted by Chris Brown on November 10, 2011 – 9:57 am

Bills QB Ryan Fitzpatrick pledged at the beginning of the season not to cut his beard until the season was over. At the midway point some of his teammates are worried that it’s taking over his head.

Appearing on NFL Network this week Fred Jackson was asked (tongue in cheek) if Fitz’s beard is taking over. This was his response.

“[Laughing] It is [taking over],” Jackson said. “We give him a lot of crap for that too. He has to trim it up every now and then or he wouldn’t even be able to talk to us in the huddle.”

Fitzpatrick doesn’t have any intention of trimming it, and the volume has become impressive. No word at this point as to whether Fitz will succumb to the locker room ribbing to do a little man-scaping.

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