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Easley at 1 Bills Dr.

Posted by Chris Brown on November 17, 2011 – 12:26 pm

Bills WR Marcus Easley is on injured reserve, but much like last year Easley has been hanging around of late and sitting in on meetings and interacting with teammates. Easley’s season came to a premature end when a medical condition forced him to the sidelines at the start of the season. Easley spoke for the first time since going on I-R, but chose to keep most of his current situation to himself.

When asked if his future career was threatened by the medical condition or if he would have a clearer picture about his playing career soon Easley chose not to provide details. 

“I’m going to keep personal things a personal matter,” said Easley. “I’m going to stay positive and optmistic.”

When asked if he might be ready to resume his career come training camp Easley said the following.

“I’m still here, so right now I’m just taking things day by day and I’ll worry about that when the time comes,” said Easley.

When asked if he’s been working out or any kind of football related activities Easley was again vague.

“There were things that were going on I really couldn’t do too much,” Easley said. “I’m just staying positive and hoping for the best. I’m still on the team so I’m still welcome to attend meetings and work out if I’d like to. I like to stay around keep up with the team camaraderie and take my mind off of things.”

It’s clear that Easley’s medical issue is significant so it’s understandable why he would want to keep it to himself. Unfortunately in doing so there is little more that is known about the nature or severity of what forced him to the sidelines and whether he can continue his football career next season.

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