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Smith’s full game still on hold

Posted by Chris Brown on November 17, 2011 – 8:16 am

The Bills addition of Brad Smith in free agency was anticipated to be one of intriguing versatility. A weapon to be used in many areas, but from the day he was signed head coach Chan Gailey warned that without a full offseason to evaluate and implement his talents into the playbook, using Smith to his full potential would prove difficult this season.

“We don’t know all of what he can do,” said Gailey. “We got him so late we were already going and it was just hard to find out everything that he is capable of. I think he’s going to be a very big part of what we’re trying to do as time goes on, but it just hasn’t worked out thus far. I think he’s a good athlete and I know he’s a good football player. We’re just going to keep working with him and trying to incorporate him

“Without evaluation time or implementation time it’s just hard. Unless they do one thing and that’s who they are, it’s hard to plug them in. He so versatile and does so many things for us it’s like he gets pulled in different directions and we’re just not zoned in on one thing. We need him in a lot of different places.”

When asked if he envisioned how underutilized Smith would be on kickoffs with all the touchbacks Gailey said the following.

“No I didn’t. You’d figure he would (get chances), but it just hasn’t happened. I keep watching people bring them out six yards deep or seven yards deep and the ball is at the 18 or 19-yard line. It’s hard to tell your guy to go ahead and bring it out when the odds are you’re going to be short of the 20.”

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