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Broncos help Bills

Posted by Chris Brown on November 18, 2011 – 9:27 am

Denver’s 17-13 win over the Jets last night could prove to be a big help for the Bills.

The win lifted Denver to 5-5 and dropped the Jets to 5-5. New York is now a half game back of the Bills.

Should the Jets and Bills be battling each other for a Wild Card spot (perhaps premature with teams ahead of them right now in the AFC for the Wild Cards) the tiebreakers go as follows to break a tie within a division.

Division record
Record vs. common opponents
Conference record
Strength of victory
Strength of schedule

Buffalo’s game next week at New York is going to be huge should there be a need for a tiebreaker between the two clubs because if the Bills can get a split then it would go to division record. Right now the Bills are 1-1 in the division and the Jets are 2-2. We’re dealing with a lot of ‘ifs’ here but if Buffalo wins Sunday in Miami and then gets a win in New York (a big if for some) the Bills would not only put more distance between themselves and the Jets in the playoff race, but in division record as well.

First things first in Miami. At this point if the season ended today both the Jets and Bills would be out of the playoffs. Here’s a look at the current AFC standings.

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