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Losses have chipped at confidence

Posted by Chris Brown on November 21, 2011 – 5:21 pm

Quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick said the last three games have been very humbling and didn’t deny that blowout losses can chip away at a team’s confidence.

When asked specifically if the team’s confidence has been affected by the lopsided games Fitz said the following.

“It’s definitely been drained a little bit the last few weeks, especially the way that we’ve lost and falling behind early and not having that sense of ‘oh, we can still do this. Let’s go out there and series-by-series take it down and score,’” he said. “Unfortunately, that hasn’t been there the last few weeks. The way to regain that is to go out there, play and perform and start doing things well out there. Start staying on the field on third-downs, start putting the ball in the end zone and that’s the only way you can do it.”

Buffalo is keeping it simple this week. On their grease board in the locker room there were three words written. ‘Beat the Jets.’


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