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Stevie talks to Plax

Posted by Chris Brown on November 28, 2011 – 10:10 am

Stevie Johnson insisted his antics after his touchdown against the Jets Sunday weren’t meant to insult Plaxico Burress, but after the game Johnson admitted it was insensitive and made contact with Burress Sunday night.

That according to Burress, who tweeted that everything had been smoothed over between them.

@plaxico Plaxico Burress For the record I talked to S. Johnson #13. Its all love. I dedicated my game to Sean Taylor UM#36 #21 today. I miss my man. I love you bro!
When Johnson was asked if anything personal was meant by his “celebration” in which he mimicked shooting himself in the leg, which Burress did, the Bills receiver said it was not.
“No, it was just a bad decision that I made and I cost our team seven points basically,” Johnson said. “At the end of the day it cost our team seven points. I just had to apologize to everybody and talked to coach. I can’t be doing that. I’ve got to be more mature about the situation.”

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