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McKelvin ready to bounce back

Posted by Chris Brown on December 10, 2011 – 2:18 pm

Leodis McKelvin is expected to start in place of Aaron Williams at CB Sunday if the rookie can’t go due to a knee injury against the Chargers. He stepped in last week after Williams was injured, but he’ll have a full day of work against a talented receiving corps Sunday. Fortunately McKelvin’s outlook is a good one for the position he plays.

As McKelvin sees it, he just has perform the last step of his job along with all the others that he’s done pretty consistently up until that last step.

“You put yourself in a great position and that’s it,” he said. “All of the times that come up with you being on the worst end I mean what would you say?  Would you say it’s bad luck or anything like that?  Because obviously you see me going for the ball, obviously trying to make a play for the ball, but they end up coming up with it. It’s just the luck of the draw. Hopefully things can go my way because I’m going to put myself in all of those same positions and same predicaments, but I’m saying it’s going to be me coming out on top this time. So, that’s all I can say, just put myself in those same situations and come out on top.”

Head coach Chan Gailey believes McKelvin can bounce back after getting demoted at the cornerback position.

“There’s no question he can bounce back, now whether he does or not we’re going to find out,” Gailey said. “He is certainly capable, he just needs to go compete for the ball when it’s in the air. That’s  the bottom line. Just go make the play when it’s there. He’s right there a lot of times, just make the play. That’s easier said than done by the way.

“They pay that guy on the other side a lot too that’s trying to get you. He’s got to go and when he gets the opportunities he’s got to go make the plays. I don’t think there’s any talk or anything I can do to help him there except to keep encouraging him because he certainly has the ability to do it.”

McKelvin admits you have to be mentally tough to play cornerback in this league, but he’s ready to take a second crack at a starting role this season.

“You have to hang in [there],” he said. “At cornerback, you’re going to be out there by your lonesome, out there on an island by yourself.  You can be very lonely out there, so you have to go out there and just make plays and everybody will see. Especially playing corner everybody will see if you make a mess of it and everybody will see you make a play. So, just make those plays more than you miss out on them.”


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