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Chan understands fan frustration

Posted by Chris Brown on December 12, 2011 – 5:23 pm

Though Chan Gailey is only in his second season as head coach of the Bills, he’s well aware of the fan frustration that comes with missing the playoffs for 12 straight seasons.

“I totally understand,” he said. “If I were in their shoes… I’m a big Braves fan so I’ve been through it a lot of years. I do understand that part of it. But I do believe we’re on the right track and do believe we can get there. We didn’t get there this year, but I do believe we can get there. I believe we have the personnel people upstairs in place to get it done. I think we’ve got the coaches that can get it done. I think we’ve got the things in place. We’ve just got to keep building. We’re obviously not there, but we showed of a glimpse of what we might be earlier this year.”

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