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Fitz believes he’ll bounce back

Posted by Chris Brown on December 12, 2011 – 5:52 pm

Ryan Fitzpatrick had his lowest completion percentage of the season on Sunday. He did not sugar coat his performance in the least, but is resolute in his belief that he and the offense will bounce back.

“It was a very poor performance for me,” he said Monday after reviewing game film. “That was obvious. There was no consistency there in terms of throwing it and getting it to the guy that was open, and when they were getting open making the throws. It was a long day through all of that for me.

“Now it’s a matter of putting it behind me and going forward. I know these guys still have confidence in me. It’s not the first bad game I’ve ever had and I’m sure there’s going to be more, but I’ve had plenty of good ones and I’ve rebounded from poor performances and that’s what I’m looking to do this week.”

Fitz admitted that he has fallen into the trap of trying to make something happen when they’ve been down on the scoreboard or have trouble staying on the field.

“Yeah I do and I’ve fallen victim to that a few times this year,” he said. “It’s something that as a quarterback that has been around and played it something that you can’t do. A lot of time it’s not a good result when you force stuff. You have to take what they give you even when you fall behind you’ve got to still be able to make the smart decision.”

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