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Fitz not worried about QB drafted

Posted by Chris Brown on December 20, 2011 – 5:37 pm

If the Bills were to draft a quarterback this coming spring, it’s not something that Ryan Fitzpatrick is going to worry about.

When posed the question Tuesday Fitz said his only focus is improving his own play because what the Bills do in the draft is beyond his control.

“It’s just something I can’t worry about,” said Fitzpatrick. “Just like last year I wasn’t worried about hem drafting a quarterback. I’ve sat down with Chan. I’ve talked to Buddy. We’re trying to get this thing going in the right direction right now. It’s a lot of different things. But the thing I can control right now is me playing better. It’s something I have to do, it’s thru practice, it’s through the communication with the guys in the film room and just going out there and doing it.

“For me my main focus and the thing I’ve learned since I’ve been in the NFL is you have to be able to put all your thought into what you can control. I can’t control any of that, all I can control is making sure my guys are where I want them to be, making sure I’m putting the ball where I want to put it and making sure everybody’s comfortable with whats going on. For me it’s been a process this year. I think I’ve learned a lot and grown a lot and hopefully these last two games we can end it on a good note.”

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