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TD plan for Stevie?

Posted by Chris Brown on January 1, 2012 – 10:53 am

Stevie Johnson apparently had a TD celebration plan for today’s game, but wasn’t sure he’d go through with it if he scores against the Patriots. Apparently his young son has given him the go ahead.

His young boy Mani, who apparently has a twitter account of his own, told him via twitter that his wife is ok with the planned celebration even if he gets fined. Here’s Stevie’s tweet back to his son after getting the thumbs up.

StevieJohnson13K Love U “@ManiBoy13: Daddy if you score do wut u told me u were going to do ok? Mommy said its ok if they fine you, jus dnt 4get her M&Ms!”
One of Stevie’s more noted celebrations happened here at Gillette Stadium last year when he pretended to be one of the Minutemen and fired an imaginary musket after scoring and then fell to the ground. He was fined for falling to the ground. The Patriots have their own mascot-like Minutemen line up in the back of the end zone, and they perform a mock gun salute after New England touchdowns.

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