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Fred latest to back Stevie return

Posted by Chris Brown on January 5, 2012 – 9:56 am

Appearing on the Bills new flagship station WGR Sportsradio 550 Thursday morning, Fred Jackson was the latest Bills player to appeal for the return of Stevie Johnson in 2012.

“I think everybody on our offense wants Stevie back,” Johnson told the WGR Morning Show. “He was a great playmaker for us. He was one of the weapons that we counted on week in and week out. I know Fitz would definitely like to have him back. I would like to have him back. He was Fitz’s favorite target. We would like to have him back and that’s the plan to hopefully get him back. Those guys in the front office make all those decisions. I know he wants to be back, but it is a business. I’m sure he’ll see what happens, but he’s a huge part of this offense. He makes me better as a player and he makes Fitz better as a player and he’s a great weapon for us.”

He hasn’t had the opportunity to do so, but Jackson said if he had the chance to voice his opinion on Johnson’s importance to the team he would make them known.

“It’s something that I haven’t done,” he said. “If I had the opportunity to give my opinion, I definitely would. He’s a tremendous player for us and I would go to bat for him. I don’t think there’s one person on this team that wouldn’t go to bat for him.”

With respect to Johnson’s touchdown displays that got him in hot water Jackson insists that Johnson is a hard worker and a very coachable player.

“He’s a tremendous teammate,” said Jackson. “The touchdown celebrations do put him in the spotlight, but that’s something that can always be fixed. I’m sure they’ll be a real deep discussion with Coach Gailey if he comes back about it. He’s always been a very coachable player so I don’t think that will affect him too much at all. I think he’ll take what tutelage Chan gives him on that and I don’t think it will be a major problem for him at all.” 

Jackson told reporters earlier in the week that he had spoken to Stevie about his display that got him benched in the season finale, but said if Coach Gailey put it on Jackson and the other offensive leaders to ensure that Johnson stayed in line, he’d be willing to handle that responsibility.

“It’s definitely something I’d have a conversation with him about,” Jackson said. “This is a game and we’ve got to have fun while we’re playing, but we can’t hurt ourselves as a team with penalties like that. He always comes to me when he has something on his mind. I always talk to him. He’s like a little brother. So I’ll tell him, ‘Hey have fun, but at the same time realize that you can’t do things that’s going to hurt us as a team.”

Jackson said nothing has begun on renegotitating his contract with the club, but he did say he started his NFL career in Buffalo and wants to finish it here. It’s anticipated that Jackson and the club will be able to come together on a new agreement sooner rather than later. For the entire interview you can go to

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