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Bills draft order beyond 1st rd.

Posted by Chris Brown on January 9, 2012 – 3:25 pm

A lot of Bills fans are wondering where all of Buffalo’s picks are located in terms of number order through all seven rounds of the draft. That can’t be computed beyond the first round at this time with the Bills, Dolphins and Panthers all having the same record.

When clubs have identical records even though priority is assessed in round one based on reverse strength of schedule, in the rounds after that the teams are rotated. For example, last year the Bills drafted third in round one, second in round two and fourth in round three. That rotation continued through to the end of the draft with Denver and Cincinnati, who were also 4-12 in 2010.

That rotation formula however, will not be determined until the end of the playoffs, so we don’t know exactly what number the Bills will pick in rounds 2 through 7.

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