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Moulds still has the mark

Posted by Chris Brown on January 10, 2012 – 10:54 am

Detroit WR Calvin Johnson was virtually unstoppable in the NFC Wild Card playoff game over the weekend between Detroit and New Orleans. Though the Saints won, Johnson posted 11 catches for 211 yards and a pair of touchdowns. Still, it didn’t set the record for most receiving yards in a playoff game. That distinction is still held by former Buffalo WR Eric Moulds.

Moulds had nine catches for 240 yards and a touchdown (32 yarder) in the AFC Wild Card playoff game against the Dolphins. Much like Johnson, Moulds and the Bills also came up short against Miami losing 24-17 thanks in large part to five turnovers. Here are the top 3 all-time receiving performances in playoff history in terms of receiving yardage.

1. Eric Moulds – Jan. 1999 vs. Miami – 9-240 yds, 1 TD
2. Anthony Carter – Jan. 1988 vs. SF – 10-227 yds
3 . Reggie Wayne – Jan. 2005 vs. Den – 10-221 yds, 2 TDs

Calvin Johnson’s game against New Orleans last weekend (12-211 yds, 2 TDs) is sixth best all-time.

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