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Kelsay on 3-4 vs. 4-3

Posted by Chris Brown on January 11, 2012 – 4:23 pm

Bills veteran Chris Kelsay appeared on Sirius NFL Radio Wednesday afternoon and was asked what he’s expecting with respect to Buffalo’s defensive front moving forward with Dave Wannstedt now the team’s defensive coordinator. Here were his thoughts.

“The 4-3, that’s what Dave is known for, but if you go back and look over the course of the last two seasons when we installed the 3-4 as our base defense, 40 to 45 percent of the snaps we were in the four-man front in our nickel package,” said Kelsay. “You look at the guys especially up front who we have, a healthy Kyle Williams and Marcell Dareus, you put a four-man front out there with those two guys next to each other that’s a pretty good duo.

“Myself personally I’m more comfortable in a 4-3, that’s what I played for seven years and at the beginning of my career as well as college and high school. That’s where I’d feel like I’d be the most productive. I had fun in the 3-4, but with being limited based on personnel and all the injuries that piled up at the end of the season we played a little more four-man front. We’ll wait and see what happens. Everyone is playing a lot of hybrid right now, and I’m sure we’ll incorporate a lot of that too, but I’ll know a little bit more as time goes on.”

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