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Fan Friday 1-20

Posted by Chris Brown on January 20, 2012 – 1:37 pm

Fan Friday 1-20

Time for your questions from Not surprisingly the draft questions are increasing in number. Let’s get to it.

1 – Chris,

It seems as though everyone has a different idea of what the Bills biggest needs to address in the upcoming draft are.  It seems like they are all over the board.  I have bought into the theory that Fitz is the future, he just needs healthy O-linemen and receivers which I believe can be addressed in later rounds of the draft.  I also believe that our corners are very good but being left to cover for way too long without having an imposing pass rush.  Dareus was a great add but one man can’t do it all.  What do you think the chances are of the Bills getting Quinton Couples in the 1st & Brandon Jenkins in the 2nd is, and do you think that those adds would fix/help the defensive issues?  
CB: First, I did not see Jenkins on the list of underclassmen that declared for the draft this year, so to my knowledge he’s not even an option. As for Coples, with the Bills likely to play more of a 4-3 front under Dave Wannstedt, I think Coples would be a good fit for Buffalo’s defense. Watching some of his tape it doesn’t look like he’s very explosive, but he’s somehow around the quarterback a lot. He’s not a guy that closes space quickly, but once he gets a hand on a passer they rarely escape. Most draftniks see him as top 10 worthy. Whether the Bills do remains to be seen.


2 – Hi Chris,
Assuming that Steve Johnson is not retained, and the Bills have to search for a replacement, I have a list of free agent wide receivers that I think the Bills may consider. Just a few names: 1. Marques Colston, 2. Dwayne Bowe, 3. Vincent Jackson, 4. Pierre Garcon, 5. Eddie Royal, 6. Robert Meachem. There is a huge list that I have, but these are just a few names. Are the Bills going to delve into  the draft for a replacement? It seems that they would want a veteran receiver that could step right in. They should draft another vertical threat wide receiver too, but first things first. If Buddy Nix is all about improving this football team, then shouldn’t they be more proactive instead of reactive. What are your thoughts? Looking forward to your answer.

Tony, Daytona Beach, Fl
CB: I think that’s an awfully big assumption you’re making on Johnson. I’m optimistic that the two sides will reach a deal. I also believe there’s a chance that the Bills additionally consider another proven playmaker at wideout. I’m not certain it would be one of the names you’ve listed, but Bowe and Jackson have ties to the Bills with Gailey having coached on the Chiefs staff when Bowe was there along with a couple of his assistants and Jackson obviously has familiarity with Buddy Nix.

Remember the Bills do not often get into bidding wars for free agents and most of the players you’ve listed will be in demand. But Nix has said they want to add another big receiver. Bowe and Jackson would be my top choices. We’ll have to see if the Bills feel the same way.


3 – Hi Chris,

It doesn’t matter to me if you wanna put this on the fan-friday, or if you just reply back to my e-mail, I just want an answer please. With that said, I believe our #1 pick without a doubt at #10, has to be a big physical wide reciever.

I understand we have good depth, and a great receiver in Stevie Johnson…but even Stevie isn’t a big physical receiver. I watched every game this season, and I don’t know how many times we tried to throw it over the top, and it just didn’t work…very few times. I understand that Donald Jones was suppose to be the speedy guy…but he’s still not a big physical guy, none of them are…

We need someone like a megatron, or an Andre Johnson., and I believe that would put our receiving rotation, and depth over the top. I know Blackmon from OSU would be perfect, but I understand he will probably be selected by the time we get to the 10th pick….What about Floyd from notre dame, or the receiver from Baylor?

And I’m sure there are a few more. I also understand Easley should be back and healthy, and I’m looking forward to him. Our guys are still smaller, I know we have speed, but we need big bodies for fitz to just throw it up, and spread the field for those quick guys…It’s so obvious that we need that more than anything. I got so sick of watching them run and throw slants and crosses, too easy for defenses.

Almost every throw in the last game against the patriots looked like a crossing pattern. I think we have enough talent at every other position that, we should use our first pick on that reciever, and go from there, if not….I’ll be pretty disgusted.

I hope you take the time to read this, and understand what I’m saying. Thank you, and have a nice day.

Dustin, Indiana.   
CB: I’m of the opinion that receiver will be addressed in free agency. Like I said in the above response the Bills sound like they want another proven option at wideout to pair with Johnson outside. Drafting a receiver offers no proven solution though Blackmon looks to be the type that can contribute early. My inclination is receiver will be addressed in free agency with someone that’s proven themselves. So with that in mind addressing receiver early in the draft is unlikely as I see it.


4 – Hi Chris;

Do the Bills have a Draft Philosophy,ie: Need or best available?

One could argue, whichever they followed in the past,do the opposite! Seriously though, our major needs seem to be LB, DE,OT, and WR. Who can really say ??? is the top ten player in the draft. We have bypassed many good players over the past 10 years, because they weren’t worthy of a top 10 or 15 pick. With the new collective bargaining agreement, you don’t mortgage the future if you error. Could we identify 4 or 5 players who meet our needs, and take one, when our turn comes?

I put my vote in for Blackmon from OK State for WR., and Hunt #92 from SMU for DE, at 6″8″” and 295, what an upside! I haven’t seen anyone to date for OT or LB.

I’ll be watching next year to see if we bypass them, what impact they make for their teams. Isn’t following the draft great? I’m glad I don’t get paid to choose the right players!


CB: Buddy Nix has stated that their draft approach is you take the best player on the board. The only exception is if there are two players that are pretty close in overall grade and one is at a position of need they would take the player at the position of need.

As I’ve stated above, this offseason free agency will come before the draft not after (as was the case last year with the lockout). I think it’ll be a lot clearer come early April what Buffalo’s primary needs are entering the draft because they’ll likely have addressed some positional needs in free agency.


5 – Hey Chris!

I was wondering about a statement that Buddy Nix recently said concerning drafting a Quarter back if there is one worth drafting. Does the coaching staff not see potential in developing Brad Smith into a #2 QB? It would be great if Coach Gailey can add an extra wrinkle in the wild cat where Brad throws the football. I believe he only did it once this season in the chiefs game. Is he not capable of throwing an accurate football? If we can make some plays in such a system, then that would make more defenses game plan for more. There is only so much you can do in a week and such a wrinkle can add to the teams success by making opposing defenses incapable of narrowing down strategies. Why waist a draft pick on a QB if Brad Smith has the potential? Is it always the case that Buddy will draft the best available player or we he make an exception and draft to need? Sorry for all of the questions but Bills fans want to know, even the one’s from California.

Stephen A. Naetzker 
CB: I’m going to leave this one to Buddy Nix, who stated the following concerning Brad Smith’s future here with the Bills as far as his role is concerned.

“I think it’s exactly what we thought when we brought him in here. Brad can be a difference-maker if you use him in the right way. I think his versatility is the biggest thing about him and what makes him the most important. We were going along there and running the Wildcat with him and had that in and if you’d look, when our third-down efficiency dropped off was when we had to move him to wideout full-time. So it made it a lot harder. He’s good at that. He can do that, he can be your fifth or sixth wideout, he can be a good special teams player. I’m glad we’ve got him, great guy to have.”

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