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QB mechanics a focus with Lee

Posted by Chris Brown on January 30, 2012 – 2:44 pm

Bills news quarterbacks coach David Lee, a former college QB himself, is a stickler for quarterback mechanics. He knows their importance with accuracy in a passing attack and in studying Buffalo’s QBs on tape will recommend any adjustments he sees fit for his trio of signal callers.

“Accuracy is the number one critical factor at the quarterback position,” Lee told “It does come down to your fundamentals. It’s like a golf swing. If you have poor fundamentals you could hit 1,500 balls and can’t be more accurate and keep the ball in the fairway. At the same time at the quarterback position if a guy’s fundamentals are good and he has a systematic approach to how he wants his mechanics to be when he throws the ball. What’s happening between his upper body and lower body at the same time. Getting those two in sync increases accuracy and velocity.”

Even though a player like Ryan Fitzpatrick will be entering his eighth season in the NFL next fall, Lee said a quarterback is never too experienced to make an adjustment for the better in his throwing mechanics. 

“Talking to a guy I had recently in Chad Pennington, he said that at age 32 he never thought he would change a couple of things, but he did with me,” said Lee. “It was with his lower body, his left foot was blocking his right hip. Those things, if a quarterback at this level knows you can get him better and he buys in, once he buys in that you’re going to help he’s sold and you’ve got him. That’s something we want to work with Tyler (Thigpen), (Ryan) Fitzpatrick and Brad (Smith).”

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