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Wannstedt on Morrison

Posted by Chris Brown on March 9, 2012 – 3:54 pm

Defensive Coordinator Dave Wannstedt had this to say when commenting on the re-signing of LB Kirk Morrison. “As last season progressed we learned a lot about Kirk as a person and a player and he learned a lot about us as an organization and a team.  We feel like he’s a good fit for our defense.  Personally, I am excited because this is a great opportunity for him with us going to the 4-3.  He’s played in the 4-3 most of his career.  He’ll be able to adjust both mentally and physically to the new system and make an immediate impact.  We’re excited for him to be a part of it.”

Morrison is very familiar with the 4-3 defense having played it at three different levels, “It’s something I grew up in. I grew up playing in 4-3 from high school to college. We had a little 3-4 mix in college. When I got to Oakland I came in as a 3-4 linebacker and we switched to 4-3. I’m very familiar with that. I played outside linebacker my rookie year then moved to the middle. I’ve been in a lot of different schemes.”

While Morrison was in Oakland, the defensive scheme called for more man coverage and during his year in Jacksonville, the Jaguars were in a cover 2 the majority of the time, so he has experience in both.

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