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Metzelaars on Chandler

Posted by Chris Brown on March 10, 2012 – 9:57 am

Bills new Tight Ends Coach Pete Metzelaars had this to say when reached for comment on the re-signing of Scott Chandler. “I met with him face-to-face a couple of days ago when he was here speaking with our trainers.  I really look forward to seeing where he can go in this offense.  He’s a big physical guy who can run as well.  He catches the ball great.  A lot of people do not give him credit for his blocking, but I think he does that very well and can still get better at it.  I think he has a huge upside.  I look forward to developing that and helping him become the every down player we would like for him to be.”

Chandler’s size remind a lot of people of Metzelaars in his playing days. Even though Chandler’s been in the league since 2007 last year was the first time he saw significant time on the playing field.  He’s still growing as a player and staying in the same offense can only be beneficial for his development.

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