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Bills ace in the hole

Posted by Chris Brown on March 15, 2012 – 11:27 pm

The Bills did their due diligence on Mario Williams, just like they do on every prospective free agent player. They accurately calculated their odds to land the big fish in free agency, but also had an ace in the hole to help them communicate to Williams the answers he wanted.

Appearing on Bills flagship station WGR Sportsradio 550, Bills GM Buddy Nix explained the inside connection they had for additional information on Williams through one of their scouts.

“The biggest part of the process is to find out what he liked and the things he was looking for and we were fortunate in that we had some inside information,” said Nix. “There’s a guy that is (Mario’s) confidante or his mentor that’s like a brother to him that played for Darrell Moody our National scout and he played at North Carolina State for Darrell.

“This mentor is the player development guy at N.C. State. So we got information on the things that were important to (Mario), so we made sure we let him know what we had in those areas here. So when we got back on the plane with him to fly back to Buffalo with Dave Wannstedt, Giff Smith and myself… by the time we got back here he felt pretty good about the football part.”

As far the answers Williams was seeking were where he would be lining up, but there was a specific answer he wanted to hear.

“We knew that he liked to play on the left side,” said Nix. “He was used on both sides at Houston, but he was a left defensive end at N.C. State so that was important to him. It is important to him that he is a pass rusher, not an outside backer that’s going to drop two out of every five or six plays. We made it clear to him that wasn’t what we were interested in having him do. We want him with his hair swooped back and in a three-point stance and chasing the quarterback. That was important.

“Another thing was our inside players. He felt if he could have some quality defensive tackles in there that could push the pocket and rush the passer from inside it would give him a lot better chance. And there’s no doubt it does. Marcell Dareus and Kyle Williams did a good job selling him on that and that was important to him.”

Clearly Buffalo took advantage of every possible edge they could give themselves in the Williams recruiting process.

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