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Why are they forgetting Brad Smith?

Posted by Chris Brown on March 20, 2012 – 1:32 pm

As speculation begins about where Tim Tebow might be traded, just about every national writer has Buffalo listed as a team that should consider acquiring him. The problem is they’re forgetting about a guy on Buffalo’s roster that already does what Tebow does and more.’s Peter King is one of many national writers to list Buffalo along with Miami and Green Bay as landing spots that make sense for Tebow. Here’s what he wrote.

I would also go after Tebow if I were Buffalo. Not to take Ryan Fitzpatrick’s job, but to create the kind of offensive choices in a gameplan Chan Gailey has shown over the years he does so well. Gailey was the idea man for much of what Kordell Stewart became in Pittsburgh early on, the versatile “Slash” that, if the Steelers had been smart, they’d have stuck with longer than they did.

I respect Peter King’s work a whole lot, but Buffalo signed Brad Smith in free agency last year to run some Wildcat, convert short yardage situations, play some receiver and return kicks. He also throws a better ball than Tebow. Here’s what Chan Gailey had to say about Smith earlier this offseason in terms of his outlook for him in 2012, with the benefit of a full offseason to properly incorporate the multi-dimensional threat into his offensive playbook.

“I think the best thing that Brad does for us right now is create indecision on the defense’s part,” said Gailey. “Is he coming in as a wideout? Is he coming in as a Wildcat quarterback. We lost that a little bit with the kickoff return because of the new rule and we lost some because he was playing so much wide receiver late in the season (due to injuries) that he couldn’t play special teams as much. We hope to let him to be a three-headed monster as some receiver, some Wildcat quarterback, some special teams threat.”  

I spoke to Smith last week, who is just about done with rehab from an offseason surgery. He said he’ll be ready to go in about another week.

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