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Casserly on Mario impact

Posted by Chris Brown on April 10, 2012 – 8:25 am

NFL Network analyst and former NFL GM Charley Casserly took us back to the 2006 draft in today’s home page story to paint a picture as to just how much pressure and resistance Mario Williams was facing from the city of Houston after the Texans made him the first pick in the draft that year. Casserly was the GM of the Texans at the time and made the pick. He also shared how he sees Williams faring in Buffalo’s defense this fall.

“First of all you’ll get great effort. You’ll get 100 percent out of him. That isn’t going to be an issue,” Casserly told “Teams are going to build their offensive blocking schemes around him so that should free up opportunities for other players,”  “I think he’s going to play hard and he can play the run well, which was a major problem with the Bills, stopping people running the football. They’ve got to stop the run.

“Once they stop the run and get teams in more passing situations that’s when their pass rushers can be more productive. I think you’ll get a guy in Mario that offenses will build their game plan around and that will help everyone else. Their run defense will be improved and he’s a guy that’s capable of getting double-digit sacks for you every year.”

Obviously Williams is a pass rusher that opponents will game plan for. The good news is Buffalo has two defensive tackles capable of pushing the pocket and winning one-on-one matchups more often than not, and they have other veterans ends they’ll be able to throw at the offense in Merriman, Kelsay and Anderson. It’s hard to think it won’t be a pick your poison defense when the opposing team has to pass.

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