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Which game will be prime time?

Posted by Chris Brown on April 16, 2012 – 5:40 pm

With every NFL club getting at least one prime time game in 2012, there are couple of ones that seem logical for the Bills based on their opponents for this season. Here would appear to be the most likely candidates.

1. New England – Buffalo has faced New England in prime time over the last eight years more than any other NFL team. On the whole they’ve kept the games relatively close in primetime with the most recent meeting between the teams coming in the Monday night opener in 2009 that was decided by a single point (25-24).

2.  Houston – With Mario Williams being the biggest free agent signing this side of Peyton Manning, it wouldn’t be shocking if his return to Houston for the first time with Buffalo was deemed prime time worthy.

3. NY Jets – Often times the league likes to pair a smaller market club with a large market one to help boost TV ratings. That makes New York, which also happens to be a division rival a logical choice. There’s also a marquee matchup to highlight in Stevie Johnson-Darrelle Revis.

The Bills 2012 NFL schedule will be released on at 7 pm on Tuesday.

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