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Fitz developing a drawl

Posted by Chris Brown on April 23, 2012 – 10:21 am

Ryan Fitzpatrick hopes his mechanics are even sharper under new quarterbacks coach and strict technician David Lee this season. What he is trying to avoid however, is the development of a southern drawl being surrounded by a host of coaches and players in his position room with southern accents.

“I don’t have any sort of accent,” said the Arizona native. “Being around Buddy (Nix) and Chan (Gailey) and now Coach Lee… they’re all so southern. And Tyler (Thigpen) even I just find myself slipping into a drawl every now and then. I’m telling you it happens. I’ll say some phrase that I’ve never said before.”

Nix is an Alabama native, Gailey hails from Georgia and Thigpen is from South Carolina. David Lee however, is a Missouri native, but he’s likely picked up a bit more of a southern dialect having spent most of his coaching career in the SEC.

No word if ‘y’all’ has been uttered by Fitz as of yet, but he does admit that certain words are coming out of his mouth with a bit more of a southern dialect.

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