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Kiper: A lot of mixed opinions

Posted by Chris Brown on April 23, 2012 – 7:41 am

While there seems to be a general consensus that there’s a top six grouping of elite prospects in this year’s draft class, ESPN draft analyst Mel Kiper says there’s much debate about whether all six belong in the top tier.

“I think there’s a group up at the top that’s very much mixed opinion on,” Kiper said. “I think a lot of the talk about it always goes down so far.  Well, I can go down to seven and tell you people are kind of critical of some of those players and don’t think they deserve to be up there. The only consensus is really the two quarterbacks, Luck and Griffin. 

“So this perception going in or this feeling going in that everybody agrees with the tiering, they don’t.  You’ll talk to five teams, you’ll get five different tiers and you’ll get guys in the top seven of one team that the other team doesn’t even think three of those guys even belong in the top 15.  So there’s no consensus to seven, eight, nine, ten.  I can just tell you that.          

“There’s some people that have some concerns about Matt Kalil being in the top group.  There’s people that have concerns about Blackmon being up there.  Melvin Ingram, where do you play him?  Some don’t think he’s a defensive end, some think he’s an outside linebacker, mixed opinion there.  You talk about Michael Floyd, mixed opinion there, should he be up in the top ten?  Quinton Coples, should he be up there in the top 10 to 15?  Dontari Poe, defensive nose tackle, defensive tackle, should he be up there?          

“So it’s really a case where, like I say, I think the ones that I haven’t heard a lot, you could say Trent Richardson, but he’s a running back.  Is it enough?  I’ve said this for 30 years, is it enough value, should you take a running back in the top five when you can get great running backs down the road?”

All of the mixed opinion just serves as another reminder as to how varied draft boards can be from team to team, which is what makes the NFL draft so unpredictable in the first place. Of course that’s also the appeal. 

At the end of the day, opinions are still going to be all over the place, and I think tiering it is a dangerous way to go. 


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