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Fred to exercise bragging rights

Posted by Chris Brown on May 2, 2012 – 8:40 pm

Bills RB Fred Jackson, who appeared on NFL Network’s ‘The Top 100: Player of 2012,’ tonight (Wednesday), now has bragging rights or a fellow running back and former teammate. And he plans to make use of them as soon as possible.

Jackson appeared on the set at NFL Network in Los Angeles to talk about his ranking and others that were in his 90-81 range Wednesday evening. Jackson was ranked 83rd overall. Former teammate Marshawn Lynch, now with the Seattle Seahawks, appeared on the first episode of the countdown and was ranked 94th overall. So Jackson already has plans to stick it to his friend Lynch.

“No doubt,” Jackson told “We compete in everything we do. He’s going to be the first person I call or tweet him and say something to him about it. We compete in everything we do and it’s always been that way.”

Jackson was part of the group of players interviewed to talk about Lynch in the first episode and he explained why Lynch needs to eat Skittles during games.

“He told me that his rookie year,” said Jackson. “He said, ‘I need my power pellets.’ I said, ‘What the heck is a power pellet?’ And he opened up his hand and he had a handful of Skittles.”

Bills fans might remember a game when Lynch got sick on the sidelines at one point. Jackson said it was because Lynch didn’t have his Skittles.

“They settle his stomach,” Jackson said. “He really needs them. It’s not a joke. He has to have them. You see him in that highlight where he looks like he’s sick and he throws them in his mouth because they settle his stomach. I don’t know. It’s the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen, but he really needs them. It could just be a mental thing, but he really needs his Skittles.”

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