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4-3 ‘D’ will put D-line on attack

Posted by Chris Brown on May 9, 2012 – 7:31 am

Bills DT Kyle Williams in all likelihood won’t be lining up in a three-point stance until training camp in late July. That has dampened his enthusiasm for what could be this season for Buffalo’s defense with all the top flight additions. Going back to a 4-3 base front doesn’t hurt either.

“I think for me, what I was doing in our old defense really wasn’t that difference from what I had been doing,” he said. “I really had played more 3-4 techniques starting that year. I had played mostly shade or two-eye in my first few years. I got some three technique movement work but not much.

“In the last defense with George (Edwards) is when I really started to move around and started to get on guards kind of finding matchups and different things like that. I think that’s what we’re going to do now is they’re going to ask me to move around, put my hand on the ground and go.

“I think coming back with my foot and hopefully going to be 100% will allow me to do what I do best which is attack and get after guys. I’m definitely excited about it. I think the good thing is we have a whole lineup of guys and a whole room full of guys that I think that’s what they’re built for. They’re designed to get down, get off the ball and attack guys. Just speaking for me personally I’m excited about it. I’m excited that getting healthy in the defense we’ve got going and the players we’ve got. I’m excited about what we could do.”

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