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Gailey: rookies must have retention

Posted by Chris Brown on May 12, 2012 – 7:29 pm

For Bills head coach Chan Gailey, there’s only so much he and his staff can evaluate in a practice setting with no pads. That’s why what he’s trying to get a feel for with each of his new players on the roster in this rookie minicamp is often more mental than physical.

“You try to see the effort that a guy gives. You want to see if a guy is a lazy guy or if he is a worker,” said Gailey. “But you also try to figure out if a guy retains what you teach him. Can he hold own from day one to day two? Can he add on to what he learned on day one on day two? They’re talented guys or they wouldn’t be here to start with. So they’ve got talent. It’s a matter of trying to evaluate really work ethic and retention.”

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