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K Potter kicking too far

Posted by Chris Brown on May 12, 2012 – 4:17 pm

The Bills’ scouts said Potter’s leg was big and some of the rookie returners experienced that first hand Saturday.

Buffalo’s special teams coaches wanted to get their rookie return candidates some reps returning kickoffs at the end of practice, so they employed seventh-round pick John Potter to do the kicking off. Potter, who routinely kicked it through the uprights in college on kickoffs from the 30-yard line, correctly lined the ball up at the 35 knowing that’s the line of scrimmage in the NFL.

The problem is none of his kickoffs could be fielded because they were sailing over the heads of the return men, who were standing as deep as they could in the back of the end zone. Finally one of the special teams coaches had to tell Potter to back up because the returners weren’t getting any work.

“Kicking out here in practice I was kicking from the 35, but I had to back it up to the 30 so the returners could field some kicks,” said Potter.

Potter kicked in the fieldhouse Saturday, but is eager to get outdoors and deal with the famed wind conditions in Western New York, not that it’s a foreign concept having kicked his entire college career in the Great Lakes region in the Mid-American conference.

“I’m excited to get outside and kick into the wind because I know it’s a factor here on Sundays,” said Potter. “I’ve seen how rough it can get playing up north at Western (Michigan) so playing in the MAC conference I’m used to the wind. It’s not a worry for me.”

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