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Asset that Bills covet in WRs

Posted by Chris Brown on May 30, 2012 – 3:44 pm

Yes, undrafted rookie free agent signing Derek Session has the typical abilities of a receiver like ball skills and versatility and the ability to shield defenders from the ball, but there’s one other element of his game that the Bills like that is often overlooked in receivers.

Session is known as a good blocker, something not always found in receiver prospects. At 6’1″ 225 and with some background as a tailback, Session knows how to lock on to defenders.

The blocking ability of Donald Jones was one of the assets that caught the eye of Buffalo scouts a couple of years ago and earned him a role on the team as an undrafted rookie.

In Chan Gailey’s popular 4-by-1 sets there isn’t a tight end on the field. When the Bills run the ball out of those sets, which they did with some measure of regularity last season, having receivers that can block is key.  

That doesn’t mean that Session has a great shot of making the active roster come September, but it doesn’t hurt his cause either. With 11 other wideouts on the roster counting Brad Smith his odds are long, but if he shows some promise and has blocking ability to boot the Bills could show a willingness to develop him further and perhaps consider him for the practice squad.

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