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Fitz’s three steps

Posted by Chris Brown on June 4, 2012 – 1:20 pm

Here’s a closer look at some of the minute details examined and rectified by Bills QBs coach David Lee with respect to Ryan Fitzpatrick’s footwork and habits that he believes affected the accuracy and consistent power of Fitz’s passes last season.

“Three things, number one is when he was releasing the ball,” said Lee. “I think that Fitz, when he lets that thing go between nine and 12 yards he’s not underthrowing anybody. It’s when he holds it longer and it comes out at 15 or 16 (yards). That’s when the underthrows come into play.

“He does an unbelievable job of looking people off. I’ve coached smart guys, (Chad) Pennington, this guy looks where he’s not throwing better than anybody I’ve ever seen. But when you come back (to your target) you have limited your time as to where you’re focusing in throwing. So he’s so good in looking him off that it hurts him when he comes back (to his target) because he doesn’t have a long enough picture as to where he’s going to intersect the ball and the receiver.

“I told him if we can cut that time of looking him off a little bit just so we can get a little bit of a focus back (he’ll be more accurate).

“Secondly, his left foot has got to be up the field and not pointed out of bounds or the ball is going to leak out of bounds.

“Thirdly is to get his right hip to fire into the throw. I’ve asked him to throw it with your right hip and see how it feels and just trust it. It’s been a lot, but there are reasons that you miss guys out there.”

When changing a quarterback’s release point related to his throwing motion that can take upwards of eight-thousand throws according to Lee, who successfully changed Tony Romo’s release point after a full offseason of training. Only having to change Fitz’s footwork mechanics and time spent looking off defensive backs figures to be shorter.

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